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Encouraging and supporting friends one story at a time…

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Monique Randle was born and raised in Texas. She is a corporate leader by day and a children’s author by night. Monique is blessed to be a wife and mother. When she is not writing you can find her grabbing a cup of coffee, practicing yoga or watching a good movie.

Monique began writing “The Benjamin Series” after 8 years of caring for her son who has experienced a multitude of medical issues. At 9 months, Benjamin was diagnosed with Alagille Syndrome, a rare disease that effects all major organs, growth and nutrition intake. At 2, he was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis, an immune esophageal inflammatory disease. And if that wasn’t enough, at 6 Ben was diagnosed with Epilepsy. These are all diagnosed and treated diseases. Ben also suffers hearing loss, asthma and ADHD. For years, they have been told Ben wouldn’t live a normal life like other children and is considered disabled.

Well, being a Christian, Monique knows that God has the last say. With tons of support, continuous prayers, and modern medicine, Ben has been able to play sports, attend public schools and academically performs well. Monique started this series about Ben’s life in hopes to motivate, support and encourage other families around the world. Her hopes are that you enjoy each story that has been carefully written and shared with each of you from her heart.

We appreciate you all and thank you for your continued love.

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